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Determine If PC Processor Has Stopped Working

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This is the procedure for determining if a PC processor ( from a dual processor host ) has stopped working.


  1. Access the enstore system web page with the host information. Go to url http://XXXensrv2/enstore/nodeinfo.html. Where "XXX" is d0, stk or cdf.
  2. There should be two entries under the bogomips column for each server and mover. If there is only one entry then one processor is not working.
  3. Or you can logon to the host as root and "cat" file /proc/cpuinfo . This file will show how many cpus are running. There should be a CPU 0 and 1 for a two cpu system.

Solution :

  1. If the PC host is a mover, follow procedures to drain and stop a mover. If it is a server host it will probably require pausing or stopping the enstore system.
  2. Do not proceed until either the mover processes have been drained and stopped if it is a mover or if a server enstore has been paused or stopped.
  3. Login on the PC as root from a console server ( d0ensrv3 or 5 ).
  4. Type command /sbin/shutdown now
  5. After the PC shuts down, power it off and attach a monitor to it.
  6. Power on the monitor and power on the PC.
  7. Watch for the message at the bottom of the screen on the monitor that says "Press F2" for the BIOS or what ever key it says.
  8. Press the key.
  9. From the BIOS screen select SERVER or PROCESSOR on the main bios menu.
  10. Change Processor Retest to ON.
  11. Press F10 key to exit and save.
  12. The host will reboot
  13. Monitor the messages on the monitor and make sure that both processors start.
  14. If The processor does not start, try the processor retest again. If it still does not start then the processor might be bad and may need to be replaced.

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